Hello. How are you?

This is the 'home-page' for Dan Ackroyd, coder, photographer and cake-baker. *sigh* No, not that Dan Ackroyd.

More than anything else it's somewhere for me to store some amusing pictures of cats, hack about with PHP, write a few (hopefully interesting) articles and generally have personal space on the intahwebz.

If you've come here after talking to me at a meetup event then you're probably looking for one of a couple of things:

  • PHP-to-Javascript converter, which has a demo here and an explanation of why on earth you would use it here.
  • One of my photography articles like how I shoot fireworks or my workflow for HDR panoramas.
  • My email address which is Danack at this domain name.
If it's just some amusing pictures of cats you're after, try the 'Images' link on the left or here is a random sampling of my flickr stream.

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